The Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU) operates HPC production systems for use by scientists all over Germany. Together with our customers we also select and procure new systems regularly. Furthermore, we conduct courses and tutorials, provide performance engineering support, and develop performance tools. We are widely known for research activities in performance engineering and high-performance code generation.

With respect to applications we have a strong focus on atomistic simulations in chemistry and life science. This competence is pooled in the Atomistic Simulation Lab .

Our experts can help with code porting and portability issues, parallelization, optimization, and data management. If a user’s demand outgrows even the capacity of the
NHR@FAU resources, we can help formulate proposals for the federal computing centers at Garching, Stuttgart, and Jülich.



Dr. Georg Hager

Dr. Thomas Zeiser

You can find an overview of the complete HPC group staff here.

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