GHOST is the “General, Hybrid, and Optimized Sparse Toolkit.”  It provides basic building blocks for computations with very large sparse or dense matrices. GHOST is being developed as part of the ESSEX project under the umbrella of the Priority Programme 1648: Software for Exascale Computing (SPPEXA) of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The library is able to deal with systems containing standard multicore CPUs, Nvidia GPGPUs, and Intel Xeon Phis, and supports heterogeneous parallelism across all three architectures in the same program. GHOST is running successfully on current post-petascale systems such as Oakforest-PACS at the University of Tokyo (Top500 #7 in June 2017) or Piz Daint at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center (CSCS) in Lugano (Top500 #3 in June 2017).

Open-Source: ✓
Main developer: Dominik Ernst (previously Dr. Moritz Kreutzer), HPC group @ FAU


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