Student Cluster Competition

FAU SCC Team at SC18
The FAU team at SC18 in Dallas with a HPE employee and their instructor Johannes Hofmann.
The students
Jan, Markus, Benedikt and Lisa (from left to right) from different FAU teams. (Image: FAU/Franziska Sponsel)

FAU teams regularly participate at the Student Cluster Competition , often as the only German team. The student cluster competition is an event organized at three major Supercomputing conferences. University students build their own supercomputers for a live face-off to see whose is the fastest.  They’re given real, scientific workloads to run and a power limit they can’t exceed, and the team with the highest-performing system wins. The FAU team students have to attend the Supercomputing Praktikum (SuCoPra) held by Johannes Hofmann and Alexander Ditter from the Chair of Computer Science for preparation. The HPC group at RRZE helps with their expertise in HPC administration, performance engineering and performance tools. The Student Cluster Competition is held at three major annual HPC conferences: Supercomputing (SC, USA), International Supercomputing Conference (ISC, Germany), Asian Supercomputing Conference (ASC, China). The FAU is ranked second overall in the EMEA leadership board and ninth in the worldwide leadership board as the best European team. Many team students later decide to stick with HPC and choose a bachelor or master thesis or even do their PHD in this interesting field.

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FAU Student Cluster Competition team at ISC 2018
Highest Linpack Award at the ISC 2018 competition. Chief Technologist Nic Dube (HPE), Sales Specialist Patrick Martin (HPE), Alexander Lieret, Christian Zöllner, Alina Öz, Christian Vögl, Tobias Müller and Raphael Mayer (all FAU), and Vice President Bill Mannel (HPE)

FAU teams competed at the following events: